"BattleBall" is an Action Arcade game which pins players against a computer or other players on local multi-player*, and makes them do battle. It has fast passed action, it will test your reflexes and if you are skilled enough, it will allow you to crush your opponent. It will also allow you to play on a more friendly level with the Casual modifier, or even be more brutal with the Chaos modifier.


  • 4 arena types: Classic, Evade, Time Bomb and Duel; each with its own goal and play style
  • 16 total arenas, 4 for each type, each with its own level of difficulty, obstacles/events
  • 15 Power-Ups which enhance your paddle, alter the ball or give you different weapons
  • Highly customisable arena selection: choose type, arena, time per round, total points to win the match, Power-Up mode (Normal: player collects and activates power-ups at will, Activate on Hit: just hit the power-up with a projectile and it instantly activates, Chaos: take your chances as the game randomly activates power-ups) and finally the Game Mode (Casual, Normal or Chaos)
  • Learn the game and its mechanics by playing Arcade, it will show you everything you need to know in a progressive manner, instead of everything at once
  • Gamepad support: customise your controls however you want, every button or axis can be used for every action in order to let you play at your best



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